July 16, 2007

worth a thousand each

It's early Monday morning and I'm up with a sleepy Lydia while Papa rests. He's taken such good care of both of us in the last 3 days (well really over the last 39 weeks!) that he deserves a break.

I have so much to catch up on here at the blog I don't even really know where to start. But at the very least I can start with pictures. You know what they say... worth a thousand words... yada yada. Well, since I'm still a bit tied up with getting used to being a mom I'll let these pictures speak for me for now. Last night Dima uploaded the first batch of non-cellphone photos to Kodak. Assuming the adage is true, this is about 51,000 words worth. Take a look...

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Anonymous said...

Jen and Dima, Big congrats. She is gorgeous of course. Great photo of the new family. The era of wonder is well on its way. You will really enjoy it.
Best, Barbara R.