June 25, 2007

slowing down

I've been a bit blog-slack lately. I'm tired. And not feeling especially creative, which makes blogging more challenging. Not sure if this is purely a symptom of pregnancy or if I've just hit a lazy streak. I'd like to think it's a symptom of coming into the home stretch. So since I've been slack...

I took the Envirosax shopping at Giant and Target. What fun! I felt so socially responsible. And the checkout lady seemed pleased to be packing up my purchases in such visually pleasing sax. I also pimped them to the ladies at Catch Can, a little boutique that is next to our favorite weekend breakfast place, Kay's Diner II. Who knows? Maybe they'll start carrying them.

June 12, 2007

what's good for the garden...

So we're having a bit of a drought... and we also just happened to put it a bunch of new landscaping. As such, having seen our last water bill, Dima and I have been talking about getting a rain barrel.

Ideally I'd love to have a xeric garden (there's a house on the way to the hospital that we LOVE. We call it the Ikea House and their yard is xeric.) or at least one full of native plants that requires less water. (Well, IDEALLY I'd like to have a garden that looked great and required little work to keep it that way. Thankfully Dima seems to have inherited his mother's green thumb. So he's the gardener.) But with this house, at least with our newly planted "curb appeal" beds in the front, xeric and native are not key words.

So the rain barrel search is on. I found a great buying guide online. Most of them seem to have screen guards on them, to keep pests and mosquitos out, which in our yard would be a concern. We'll see. A 65 gallon one ought to do it, right?

June 11, 2007

the blessed arrival

My Envirosax finally arrived today! They are so awesome. I can't wait to go grocery shopping.

well at least I saw it coming

At least I saw Hollywood's cleaned up version of it. Dima and I went to see Knocked Up last night. Now I'm not feeling especially humorous today because I'm actually am feeling especially knocked up, but here goes...

Well first, my presence in the theater was amusing to some of the other movie-goers. Look a knocked up girl is watching a movie about being knocked up. Giggle, giggle... But once the film started to roll they forgot all about me. It's a completely hysterical movie. (Hear for yourself. NPR reviewed it here.) I laughed so hard at one point I might have peed a bit. In fact I think we missed some of the funnier bits because everyone in the theater was laughing so hard we couldn't hear.

Beware, there are shots of Katherine Heigl's supposed nether regions and a baby crowning. A first for me, and the world I'm sure, in a such a mainstream movie. Dima's jaw dropped and the whole theater let out a simultaneous "Ewwwwwww." As fake as it looked though (think franks and beans from Something About Mary), it definitely made me think about what's to come. So, at least I saw it coming... and it was certainly more sanitized than anything they'll soon show us in our birthing class I'm sure. Maybe it was a good gateway experience.

Overall, the movie is a must see. Whether you're preparing for this experience or not.

June 10, 2007

the truth comes out

Dima's friend Gretchen called today (She's prego too. Congratulations Gretchen and Reuben!) to catch up. Dima's quote of the week: "I'm not really nervous. I mean I'm kind of concerned about the whole giving birth thing from Jen's perspective. I mean I know it's natural. But it doesn't seem like there's anything natural about something that big coming through and area that's that small." It's actually nice to know he's a bit worried about all that.

He also revealed to Gretchen he feels unprepared to deal with a newborn... holding, changing, feeding a baby that small. He claims never to have handled a newborn but he forgets that he held our nephew, Wesley, when he was just a day old. Now, with the feeding and the diaper changing... he is starting at a deficit, but he's a quick study. I have absolute faith in him. And really that faith makes all of this so much easier for me. If I really felt like I was dealing with a partner that was going to fall down on the job in crunch time I would be hysterical by now. But not Dima. He's been so good to me, so conscientious, so above and beyond. I have no concerns about him being able to step up and do what has to be done. He's going to be such a great Papa. A natural.

I will admit though, the one thing we are both totally freaked about... Cutting tiny fingernails. Yikes!

June 8, 2007

save the plastic...

I got e-mail notice yesterday... My new grocery bags , pardon me my new Envirosax, (save the plastic, save the world April 26, 2007) have shipped! They should be here any day now. V. excited.

June 7, 2007

3d baby e

We were surprised during our last visit to the "high risk" OB. Our sonogram technician told us she wanted to get a good picture while the baby was in an ideal position and the next thing we knew we were looking at our kid in three dimensions. Words to describe this? Wild. Weird. Cool. Amazing. In one moment we actually saw the baby frown and then smile. It was breathtaking. These 2D photos of the 3D experience don't come close to capturing what it was like to see it in person, but they are cool in their own way.

After this exhilarating experience they let us know that we didn't have to come back anymore. The baby and I have been released from "High Risk!" Which is great... but I think, secretly, both Dima and I were hoping for more "surprise" 3D opportunities. Not to mention the staff are so nice. However, I am absolutely willing to take the dismissal with no prospect of more 3D pictures knowing that the baby and I have a clean bill of health.

the final countdown

As of our last OB appointment our doctor has instructed us to be "prepared" (have my bag packed, etc. in the most benign, practical sense...) to have the baby starting July 1st. We also found out that, provided the baby doesn't arrive before, I'll be induced on the 21st, my actual due date. She said she doesn't want me going past my due date... no reason to go into the medical details of that here. The whole point is...

Baby E. is coming. And fast. As soon as 3 weeks! Sigh. Eak.

Now, being prepared for THAT in a more emotional sense is complex. Preparing for the moment when I am no longer just pregnant... but a mother. A parent. No longer a house (literally and figuratively) but a nurturer. I can only truly speak for myself in terms of how I'm handling the imminent transition, but I'm sure Dima is feeling similar: Nervous. Excited. Expectant. Concerned about the impending lack of sleep. (Being someone that NEEDS a good amount of sleep I'm really concerned about that.) And I think we're both wondering if Melba will try to eat the baby. (Fingers crossed.) Now, being prepared for all THAT? Can you ever be truly prepared for that? Well and then there's the worry... the worry about the whole giving birth thing.

Last night at our first birthing class our instructor asked all of us, to REALLY be honest, and raise our hands if we were feeling fear, anxiety, etc. about what was about to happen. Birth, parenthood, the whole shebang. Only about 3 or 4 of us raised our hands, me included. 3! More than a few soon to be first time mothers defiantly sat there with their arms crossed radiating an air of "I'm not worried. Snark. I can't believe you're worried."


If you're not worried... something is severely wrong with you. I mean, there's no sense in getting yourself really worked up about it. That will only make the whole process harder, and more painful according to our instructor. It is what it is, right? There's no turning back now. But really! Not worried. Not worried at all? You're delusional.

Let me end here by saying my excitement far outweighs my worry... but come on!

June 5, 2007

itsy bitsy

Look at these socks. (Well first look at Dima's toes. The silver is back! It's summer time!) But then look at the socks. Ridiculously tiny. It's hard to imagine baby feet the size of Dima's big toes. Or is it big toes the size of baby feet?

handy cat strikes again

Melba has been very helpful lately. Especially with electrical projects. Here she's assisting Dima with outlet installation in the new linen station and in Baby E's room.

the world is changing

Melba, last weekend as we were unpacking and building baby gear. She's never one to say no to an empty box but I believe the shear number of boxes and mounds of new stuff that have made their way into the house of late are a bit overwhelming to her. After she made her way into this box, one for the baby's car seat, she just stayed there and fell asleep. Poor kitty. She has no idea how much her world is about to change.

June 4, 2007

for the love of etsy

I love Etsy.

It's an online marketplace for buying and selling all things handmade: clothing, music, furniture, software, jewelry, robots. They launched on June 18, 2005. Not so long ago I made my first purchase with a beautiful felt pincushion for Claire by loosestring. (I'm actually hoping to start selling some of my own stuff on Etsy in the coming months—jewelry and eventually glass. It will give me something to do while I'm waiting for the baby to wake up from his/her naps, right? ;^))

Anyway, while I was on bedrest I found that not only was it THE place to shop for pincushions, it was a great place to shop for kids stuff too. So many cute things and all handmade with unique styling. Some of my favorite sellers: ModCherie, kinchi, minitoes, snugabugblankets, bellaserababy, smallthreads and circularaccessories.