July 3, 2007

baby e's room

In response to popular demand and by virtue of the fact that we finally finished decorating and organizing.... photos of the baby's room.

The crib, from Christina and Mike and my
framed glass scraffito tiles.

I made these tiles in my intermediate
fusing class at
Weisser Glass Studio.

The changing table from the Bobos, Baby E's
going home
outfit and a soft and lovey lion
for snuggling.

Shelves. Glorious Ikea shelves.

The Poang Ikea chair.

The West Elm mobile put to use.
Love this. It casts really cool
reflections on the walls as it spins.

My old wardrobe is now Baby E's.
I wrapped lengths of ribbon around
the door and attached shower cards
with tiny clothes pins. On top, two
lengths of fairy lights with chinese
globes. The whole string is on a
switch. It works great as a nightlight.
See below.

1 comment:

Jen K said...

This is doing nothing to ease my biological alarm bells, you know.

Soooo beautiful. Of course, coming from you two, I would expect nothing less than a transcendently lovely baby room. Oh, the fairy lights! And the ladybug tile. And la tortuga tile! All so pretty.

Baby E will be the luckiest tyke on the block.