July 11, 2007

last day at work

The day has come. I finished up my last day at work today... and actually on time. No major last minute panics. At least not work related. But when I was finally done and Jen and Barbara were seeing me to the elevator I had a little internal freak out.

Up until then work was the one thing keeping the baby at bay. I had certain things that had to get done before any birthing could occur. Now, it's really happening. Work is done. The baby is coming.

Now of course I'm looking forward to the baby's arrival. Don't be mistaken. But once the baby is here, there's no turning back. Catch my drift? Life is forever different. Different in wonderful ways yes, but different. Never the same. It's a scary and exciting prospect all at once.

FYI, the freak out only lasted about 30 seconds. No need in getting all worked up about the inevitable. So I calmed down and got on the Metro.

When Dima picked me up on the other end he was having his own freak out. We have a deal, see? Only one of us is allowed to freak at the same time. So now it's his turn. When we got home he paced a little and made some weird noises. "We're having a baby, Jen. Eeeeehhhhhhhhrrrrrr..." and then some more "Eeeeehhhhhhhhrrrrrr..." Then that was it. We went to our last birthing class and learned about drugs and c-sections and now he's at the movies with his sister.

Everything is going to be fine. We're having a baby.

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