April 25, 2008

And the icing on the cake? Drumroll please...

Over the course of four days our little girl has made some major strides.
  1. On Monday she got to a sitting position on entirely her own power.
  2. On Tuesday she pulled herself to standing.
  3. And, on Thursday she finally got around to crawling!
Now, I'm not saying she a little speed demon, crawling expert at this point, but she's doing it. She's a bit hindered by this weird yoga/pilates move she's been doing with her right leg. She stretches it out to the side and does a little spin. So it's often: spin, crawl, spin, spin, spin, crawl. And often her urge to backward army crawl still takes over. Then there's the frog hop she's been doing too, where she moves both knees forward at the same time instead of independently. But like I said, she's just getting it.

Go LoVE, go!

April 22, 2008

An Update to "By Jove, She's Done It!"

As a follow up to her stellar solo sitting-up maneuver last night, Lydia Violet chose this evening to pull herself to a full standing position while we were fixing dinner. She grabbed the handle on one of the kitchen cabinet drawers and sswwooop, up she went. Exhilarating and sobering all at once. She'll be walking soon. Man, do we have a ton of baby-proofing to do.

April 21, 2008

By Jove, She's Done It!

Lydia Violet sat up by herself today! It may be that she's been practicing this in her crib without our knowledge (or maybe at daycare) but we are happy to believe that she put on this show just for us. Way to go LoVE!

April 14, 2008

Ah, Spring!

I just had to post this: a street-side view on my new walk to the Metro after work. (We moved to a new office and a new Metro stop in February.) What a beautiful day. What a beautiful little postage stamp of a front "yard." And for once in my life my allergies aren't even that bad, so I can actually enjoy a scene like this without the requsite sniffling/itching/runny nose that usually goes along with it.

So, I say it in full voice, "Ah, Spring!" and to all the things that go with it: flowers, green trees, outside time, campfires, grillin', longer days, sandles, etc. But I especially say, "ahhhhh," to new beginnings. We've had a rough couple of months 'round these parts, and all of it, at the very least, has kept me out of the blogosphere. I haven't even been updating Baby in a Carseat. (But that said, I will today. Check it out in an hour or so: http://babyinacarseat.blogspot.com)

So, long story short, I want to catch up. And I will. See you around here soon.