July 18, 2007

Last Class

Lydia Violet at her last birthing class.

We decided to take L.V. to our last birthing class at our O.B.'s tonight. You can see in the background our classmates watching "the movie." Lydia slept through the whole thing. They all loved seeing her though.

It was really strange to look at all these expectant parents and very pregnant bellies having just gone through the process. But really cool too to be able to show them the awesome result. I did a little bit of re-living. They were all very curious. And I think it was reassuring to see us and see we "survived" and that we're doing really well.

It also gave me a chance to publicly acknowledge Dima's contribution to physically bringing our daughter into the world. I haven't had the chance on the blog yet so here goes: I seriously couldn't have done it without him. It came time to push at the shift change so my first couple of pushes were before our doctor had even arrived. When the nurse said "get in there" he did so without hesitation, even though we had discussed ahead of time that he thought he'd before comfortable coaching from the head of the bed. It was awesome to have him there, in the thick of it, coaching, holding me and really listening to what I needed to make it through. And, quite frankly, chronicling. He posted L.V.'s first photo to the world on the blog just moments after she was born! He's an awesome husband and now Papa!

Another thing, in talking to our instructor I also discovered something that I hadn't verbalized before... pushing was my favorite part. Hmmmm... that was unexpected.

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