June 20, 2006

the latest...

We've been hard at work on our house projects. So hard at work in fact that we haven't had time to blog them. But I've just discovered the "Blog This!" feature on Picasa. And hopefully it will help us get back on track. This is my first time trying it so we'll see. The picture above is of Dimitry's handiwork over the sink... I helped a bit. We successfully installed two new halogen lights and and he and Robin Cavanaugh installed the track lighting. Since then we've also installed a beautiful pendant light over the new peninsula. All that's left in the kitchen is:

1. Patch the holes
2. Paint the walls
3. Hook up copper piping to the new refrigerator so we can use the built-in water dispenser
4. Frame in the mirrors in the dining room so they don't look so 70s
5. Reorganize the new cabinets and drawers and the pantry so we can efficiently use all of our new storage space...

Then we'll be done! RIIIIIIIGHT...

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