July 16, 2007

finally home and back online

I'll make this quick because, surprise, surprise we're exhausted. We're home with Lydia Violet and quickly trying to catch up on the blog, e-mails, uploading photos, etc. The blogging from our phones in the hospital was awesome. Looking back at the entries now I know it will be so special to have that up to the minute, blow by blow in pictures and words. (Dima posted Lydia's first picture to the blog 9 minutes after she was born!)

We also want to say thank you so much to all of you for your well wishes, assistance, hand-me-downs, hand-me-ups and offers of everything in between. We came home to so many e-mails and comments on the blog! And, thank you for your exclamations of our daughter's beauty. She IS a looker. It can't be denied.

Well, we're off to bed. Feeding time will come again soon enough and we have to be awake to drive to the pediatrician tomorrow.

More to come when I'm able to put a coherent sentence together...

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