July 11, 2007

last minute purchases

Our gdiapers [What's a gdiaper? Read g... what a cool idea] starter kit arrived this week. Just in time. We probably won't use them the first week or so, one, to allow the baby's belly button to heal and, two, to allow Dima to get used to changing a diaper.

We're still waiting for our Dunstan Baby Language kit to arrive. Supposedly this will tell us exactly what all Baby E's cries mean. People either love it or hate it apparently. I hope we love it. It would be awesome to have an accurate translation kit when we're in the midst of severe sleep deprivation. When I'm exhausted and at my wit's end I want to know that that particular cry means "I'm hungry" vs. "I've got a big surprise for you in my diaper."

In our final acts of shopping for our impending delivery we also got:
  • our car kits, complete with sun shades and mirrors,
  • a set of blocks that make a Russian church, with minarets and everything, and
  • our biggest splurge yet, a new camera, which Dima quickly fell in love with. It's an Olympus E500. It's lovely and will help us capture all those precious moments.

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Jason Graham-Nye said...

Hi there

If you have any questions about your 'g's" please give me a call - 971 235 0359. We were using a combo of cloth and disposable back in Australia when we found them. They take a bit of getting used to but they are well worth it. And we have a new design coming out in August too! There is a ton of information on the website too - gdiapers.com.


dad/ CEO