July 2, 2007


We have scheduled my inducement. Sorry, this news is late in coming to the blog. Now that the baby is fully baked, my doctor is too. I mean... the doctor is ready for the fully baked baby to be born. Because of the protein deficiency that they discovered earlier on in the pregnancy they say it's best just to get the baby out after the 37th week.

So, drum roll... Baby E. is scheduled to come into the world around dinner time next Friday! Friday, July 13th! First of all, holy moly! Second of all, wow!

Our doctor's schedule determined the date. And she did ask us if we were superstitious. But neither of us is worried about the connotations associated with Friday the 13th. You make your own luck. And the kid will always have a story to tell about his/her birthday. That is of course if I make it to next Friday. I'm already 75 percent effaced and about 1/2 centimeter dilated.

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