July 1, 2007


We started our weekly countdown at the OB two weeks ago. This weekend was the beginning of my 37 week. Baby E. is officially, fully baked.

We've been having weekly biophysicals to watch the progress of Baby E. and to keep close tabs on his/her physical state. So every Friday we get a sonogram and a pelvic. (Yippee to the second.) Baby follows directions excellently and is gaining a half a pound a week. At last check he/she was 6 lbs. 13 oz. They don't officially check length but I have a feeling this kid is LONG. His/her rump is squashed right up under my right breast, so I've got an unsightly bump on the right side of the belly. Not to mention the difficulty breathing when the kid decides to stretch. So there can't be much room left in there anymore.

They also put me on a fetal monitor every time I go in. Baby E. is supposed to have periods of elevated activity 3 times in 20 minutes. This he/she is not so good at. He/she is VERY good at sleeping though. So last Friday after some half-assed efforts at elevating his/her heartbeat through poking and talking, a nurse was sent in with a buzzer to buzz my belly and essentially scare the crap out of the baby. After two buzzes the baby was surely awake and gave them what they wanted. Poor thing. Still, after all that though he/she promptly fell back asleep. A kid after my own heart. Unfortunately though, Dr. B. said this habit will most likely not transfer to outside of the womb behavior. Darn!

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