November 3, 2007

The Wrap Up

First, I apologize for the quality of this post as I'm am exhausted and not really firing on all cylinders. Here's how the first Krug Molotok project day ended up:

Overall, it really looks excellent and both of us are excited about getting the space done and ready to use. It was a huge step today and we can't thank the Krug enough for all their help. The ceiling is up and the can lights are installed. And when our new energy efficient light bulbs are on and warmed up Dima says it looks like a baseball stadium in there. Plenty of light to paint by, even at night.

Work was started on the walls but we ran into some technical difficulties. (And I say we because I was providing support in the pits—in the form of Duncan Donuts, Home Depot and Quizno's runs—to the Krug, not because I actually ran into the difficulties myself.) For some reason the concrete anchors did not work with the block walls in the garage and they didn't hold the firring strips steady. I'm not exactly sure why they didn't work and frankly I'm not sure that the guys know why either. They just didn't. So on one of my Home Depot runs the guys sent me in search of some plastic anchor sleeves. The result... an excellent story about why I hate Home Depot. Here's what happened:

I go the hardware aisle. First there's no one there to help. Shock. And when I finally find someone I seem to know more about what I'm looking for than he does. Let's be clear. I am no hardware expert. Then when we find what seems like a solution—plastic alligator anchors—he inspects the box briefly and declares the solution found. I ask him to confirm that they will in fact work with the size screw that we are using and he again assures me they will. Then he just walks off. When I actually read the box I find that, no, these anchors will not work because they are for the wrong size screw, which is clearly stated on the box. Then the icing on the cake... they do not sell the size screw that these plastic anchors are made for. Of course they don't! So even if I wanted to I can not use them. Useless Home Depot! (What's even more irritating is, just by mentioning them here on the blog, they'll probably get an ad in the Google ads to the right. Argh!)

So, the Krug has reassessed the situation and they have a new plan for the walls. I'm not really sure what it is yet. Robin will return tomorrow to help Dima.

Now... must sleep.

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