November 23, 2007

Act your age, not your shoe size.

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Well, this is embarrassing.

Is this a comment on my vocabulary or my sense of humor? I have to wonder what's bringing my score down. For the record, I actually have a masters degree. And I can usually be counted on to use commas correctly. Though I don't guarantee 100 percent accuracy. That's what I rely on Write. Baker. Music Maker. for. Hmph. Maybe I should start using more of those vocab words that I got right on the Web site in my posts... Am I sounding defensive?

Whatever! I'm going to embrace this. With my rating and those of my blogging friends, we're showing a nice cross section. They shouldn't mind me putting their reading levels out there for the world to see. After all, they're kicking my butt.
Finally, in order to thoroughly confuse you, I leave you with the reading level from baby in a carseat, which consists of nothing but photos of our beautiful daughter in, yes, her carseat: Genius. Well, no wonder.


Jessica L. said...

I got that little test from someone whose blog rated genius and she was seriously questioning the results. I find it fascinating and would love to learn how they determine your score. I mean, your car seat blog rated genius! Maybe it is all about less words. Of course then I should have rated grade school.

Also, since most Americans read on a grade school level, where does that put the readability of our blogs?

Jessica L. said...

You inspired me to check some of the blogs I read -- a blog by a Dr. of animal behavior came out as junior high! Sewalanka's website, which frankly is very poorly written, came out at genius. I'm really dying to know what it is based on.

Jen K said...

LOL...after I posted my recipe on my blog, I went down to just plain ol' College (Undergrad) level. :)