November 2, 2007

There Really Could Be T-shirts

Of course there could. Because in true Dima fashion... he's created a logo.


Dinosaur Mom said...

Doggone it, how come everybody's Russian husband does remont and/or computers but mine? I'll bet yours even speaks Russian to the baby. (Exasperated roar.)

Jennifer said...

Luckily, he does speak Russian to Lydia Violet, as does her daycare provider and her Dyedushka. Her (Abue)Lita and her Auntie shower her with gushing lovey-dovey Spanish. As for me, in addition to my English, I only speak Runglish and really bad Spanlish. With all this tri-lingualling she ought to be thoroughly confused by the time she can actually speak. At the very least, I think we can be guaranteed some excellent code-switching.