November 10, 2007

How to Green Your Baby

I've been trolling around They've got these great 10 quick tips on "How to Green..." your work, your wardrobe, your meals, etc. And I just found this one: How to Green Your Baby. Interesting.

I had a smug little moment when I saw that we've already made a commitment to some of them: gDiapers (Lydia Violet's butt is finally big enough), second-hand clothing (Just say yes to Value Village and the Unique Thrift Store. Thirty bucks outfitted Lydia Violet for the cooler weather.), wooden toys (You gotta love HABA toys.), second-hand furniture (We got a great crib and changing table thanks to Christina and Mike and Hilary and Nick.) and low-VOC paints.

But I was only slightly smug and it lasted about a millisecond because know there is so much more we could be doing. I guess it's really about knowing what your options are and making decisions that are right for your family AND the planet. I'm going to check out some of these other lists and see what they say. But in the meantime you can check out the "How to Green Your Baby" list at by clicking on "read more" below.

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Jessica said...

Every little bit helps and you can't overwhelm yourself with trying to follow everything. Then you end up going crazy because some of them will be contradictory (the whole "reusing something old is always better, but not in the case of the refrigerator" dilemma). I congratulate you on your effort to green your baby. It really is amazing how wasteful the little buggers are!