October 28, 2007

LºVE, Gregg Allman and Unknown Hippie Rocker

Just a few hours ago, Yoda stripped off her exterior and transformed herself into a sleeping beauty. We were at the Big Hunt in Washington, D.C. for Daniel and Carmen's Annual Themed Halloween party. This year's theme was Rock n Roll.

This year, was of course, LºVE's first Halloween party and in a D.C. bar no less. We, or shall I say, she was the hit of the town. All the way from our subway stop to Dupont Circle, through the streets of the City, to the bar, she got complemented. Our trio, Darth Mama, Mr. Skwalker and Yoda even got an ovation when we walked through the Big Hunt.

All in all a successful night. I am looking forward to next year.

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