October 24, 2007

The FONZ Chapter of Lydia's Fan Club... Not to be Confused with Fonzie (eeeehhhhhh)

Today Lydia Violet visited her Uncle Dan at Friends of the National Zoo. Apparently Uncle Dan's friends are great fans of Lydia and the blog. And she is a great fan of them and the work they do. In fact, she enjoyed herself so much today that she's convinced her mama to join FONZ with a family membership. Now whenever we visit the zoo we get free parking! There are a whole host of other benefits too, not to mention we get to support great wildlife research with our donation.

We're looking forward to going back soon. Unfortunately, the much needed rain kept us from seeing all the cool animals today.


Jen said...

Woo hoo-FONZ loves Lydia Violet! She can come back anytime and visit us. Glad to meet the little star in person :-)

From your fans,
Jen and Lesley

Jessica L. said...

Did you go to see the apes? They'd be inside on a rainy day. Next time please say hello to Mandara, Kojo, Baraka, Kuja, Kigali, Holoko, Kiko, Lucy, Batang, Iris, Kyle and of course, Bonnie! Love them all and miss them terribly.

Miss you guys too of course. LoVE sure is adorable.