October 15, 2007

blog action day

I'm a bit behind on my tasks today. But the day is not yet over so I can still post my Blog Action Day post. What is Blog Action Day?

"On October 15th - Blog Action Day, bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone's mind. In its inaugural year, Blog Action Day will be co-ordinating bloggers to tackle the issue of the environment."

So what to write about... I guess I'll muse on our efforts as a family to green our life. I've gone on and on here before about our new reusable grocery bags. Love them. And they save me three cents each at the checkout every time I use them at Giant. Again my biggest challenge with them is making sure I take them to the store with me.

What else? I was checking my Facebook profile and I've got an applet running there that keeps track of all my green acts. I need to update it but here's some of what I've got so far. (It's a bit of a random list. But that's how Facebook does it.)

  • I keep the lights in my house off except when necessary (It can be hazardous to your toes but worth the effort. Good for your electric bill and the environment.)

  • I donate the clothing I no longer wear

  • I vote for the environment

  • I put garbage in my pocket until I find a trash can

  • I wash my clothes in cold water

  • I get online statements, instead of paper ones

  • I keep the heat real low and wear more layers (This is tougher now with the baby. We need to figure out how to keep the house comfortable for her and still reduce our energy consumption.)

  • I use cloth shopping bags (Yah! Envirosax!)

  • I shut the water off when I'm brushing my teeth (I've been doing this as long as I can remember. My dad, an environmental engineer, once visited my class in elementary school and explained how much water you can conserve by doing this one simple thing. Up to eight gallons a day. It was burned into my brain then and I'm still doing it.)

  • I boycott products/businesses that are not green or ethical (Say no to Kleenex and Puffs!)

  • I use public transportation. (I ride the Metro to work every day. When I'm working.)

  • I use gdiapers for my daughter's bum (Well, I will use them when they fit her tush. Soon enough. She's growing like gang-busters.)

  • I do not own any personal motorized watercraft, aircraft, or a Hummer (I mean really...)

  • I recycle, even when it is not convenient (Yes. Ask Dima. I take recycling home with me when we're out and about. And by the way... if I have to take part in mandatory recycling in Montgomery County at home, why don't businesses? There should be recycling bins in every restaurant, mall, shopping center, etc.!)

  • I ride/walk more than drive

  • I read/learn a lot about environmental issues

  • I give money or volunteer time to green non-profits

  • I work for a green non-profit

  • Most of my light bulbs are compact flourescents (We're still making the switch on all of our light bulbs but it can make a huge difference.)

There are other things I/we do to help the environment and there are many more that I'm working toward (tankless water heater, a hybrid car, etc.) but the last minutes of the day are ticking away here so I'm going to wrap it up. Essentially what I'm saying is this: We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. And now especially, being a new mom, that Native American proverb is more than just a nifty saying to me.

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