June 12, 2007

what's good for the garden...

So we're having a bit of a drought... and we also just happened to put it a bunch of new landscaping. As such, having seen our last water bill, Dima and I have been talking about getting a rain barrel.

Ideally I'd love to have a xeric garden (there's a house on the way to the hospital that we LOVE. We call it the Ikea House and their yard is xeric.) or at least one full of native plants that requires less water. (Well, IDEALLY I'd like to have a garden that looked great and required little work to keep it that way. Thankfully Dima seems to have inherited his mother's green thumb. So he's the gardener.) But with this house, at least with our newly planted "curb appeal" beds in the front, xeric and native are not key words.

So the rain barrel search is on. I found a great buying guide online. Most of them seem to have screen guards on them, to keep pests and mosquitos out, which in our yard would be a concern. We'll see. A 65 gallon one ought to do it, right?

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