June 7, 2007

the final countdown

As of our last OB appointment our doctor has instructed us to be "prepared" (have my bag packed, etc. in the most benign, practical sense...) to have the baby starting July 1st. We also found out that, provided the baby doesn't arrive before, I'll be induced on the 21st, my actual due date. She said she doesn't want me going past my due date... no reason to go into the medical details of that here. The whole point is...

Baby E. is coming. And fast. As soon as 3 weeks! Sigh. Eak.

Now, being prepared for THAT in a more emotional sense is complex. Preparing for the moment when I am no longer just pregnant... but a mother. A parent. No longer a house (literally and figuratively) but a nurturer. I can only truly speak for myself in terms of how I'm handling the imminent transition, but I'm sure Dima is feeling similar: Nervous. Excited. Expectant. Concerned about the impending lack of sleep. (Being someone that NEEDS a good amount of sleep I'm really concerned about that.) And I think we're both wondering if Melba will try to eat the baby. (Fingers crossed.) Now, being prepared for all THAT? Can you ever be truly prepared for that? Well and then there's the worry... the worry about the whole giving birth thing.

Last night at our first birthing class our instructor asked all of us, to REALLY be honest, and raise our hands if we were feeling fear, anxiety, etc. about what was about to happen. Birth, parenthood, the whole shebang. Only about 3 or 4 of us raised our hands, me included. 3! More than a few soon to be first time mothers defiantly sat there with their arms crossed radiating an air of "I'm not worried. Snark. I can't believe you're worried."


If you're not worried... something is severely wrong with you. I mean, there's no sense in getting yourself really worked up about it. That will only make the whole process harder, and more painful according to our instructor. It is what it is, right? There's no turning back now. But really! Not worried. Not worried at all? You're delusional.

Let me end here by saying my excitement far outweighs my worry... but come on!

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