June 10, 2007

the truth comes out

Dima's friend Gretchen called today (She's prego too. Congratulations Gretchen and Reuben!) to catch up. Dima's quote of the week: "I'm not really nervous. I mean I'm kind of concerned about the whole giving birth thing from Jen's perspective. I mean I know it's natural. But it doesn't seem like there's anything natural about something that big coming through and area that's that small." It's actually nice to know he's a bit worried about all that.

He also revealed to Gretchen he feels unprepared to deal with a newborn... holding, changing, feeding a baby that small. He claims never to have handled a newborn but he forgets that he held our nephew, Wesley, when he was just a day old. Now, with the feeding and the diaper changing... he is starting at a deficit, but he's a quick study. I have absolute faith in him. And really that faith makes all of this so much easier for me. If I really felt like I was dealing with a partner that was going to fall down on the job in crunch time I would be hysterical by now. But not Dima. He's been so good to me, so conscientious, so above and beyond. I have no concerns about him being able to step up and do what has to be done. He's going to be such a great Papa. A natural.

I will admit though, the one thing we are both totally freaked about... Cutting tiny fingernails. Yikes!

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