June 7, 2007

3d baby e

We were surprised during our last visit to the "high risk" OB. Our sonogram technician told us she wanted to get a good picture while the baby was in an ideal position and the next thing we knew we were looking at our kid in three dimensions. Words to describe this? Wild. Weird. Cool. Amazing. In one moment we actually saw the baby frown and then smile. It was breathtaking. These 2D photos of the 3D experience don't come close to capturing what it was like to see it in person, but they are cool in their own way.

After this exhilarating experience they let us know that we didn't have to come back anymore. The baby and I have been released from "High Risk!" Which is great... but I think, secretly, both Dima and I were hoping for more "surprise" 3D opportunities. Not to mention the staff are so nice. However, I am absolutely willing to take the dismissal with no prospect of more 3D pictures knowing that the baby and I have a clean bill of health.

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