June 11, 2007

well at least I saw it coming

At least I saw Hollywood's cleaned up version of it. Dima and I went to see Knocked Up last night. Now I'm not feeling especially humorous today because I'm actually am feeling especially knocked up, but here goes...

Well first, my presence in the theater was amusing to some of the other movie-goers. Look a knocked up girl is watching a movie about being knocked up. Giggle, giggle... But once the film started to roll they forgot all about me. It's a completely hysterical movie. (Hear for yourself. NPR reviewed it here.) I laughed so hard at one point I might have peed a bit. In fact I think we missed some of the funnier bits because everyone in the theater was laughing so hard we couldn't hear.

Beware, there are shots of Katherine Heigl's supposed nether regions and a baby crowning. A first for me, and the world I'm sure, in a such a mainstream movie. Dima's jaw dropped and the whole theater let out a simultaneous "Ewwwwwww." As fake as it looked though (think franks and beans from Something About Mary), it definitely made me think about what's to come. So, at least I saw it coming... and it was certainly more sanitized than anything they'll soon show us in our birthing class I'm sure. Maybe it was a good gateway experience.

Overall, the movie is a must see. Whether you're preparing for this experience or not.

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