May 1, 2007

The State of the Prego

I thought a quick update of where we are in the whole pregnancy thing would be appropriate. Today I am 28 weeks and 2 days. Baby E. is due July 21st, although at this point I either look like I'm due in 4 weeks instead of 12 OR I'm carrying multiples. Neither is the case... unless, there's a Houdini baby in there hiding exactly behind his/her sibling. This is of course unlikely and in general it "feels" like there's only one... not that I've got much experience in what it FEELS like to have one vs. two babies inside me.

In terms of feeling... lately Baby E. has taken on the character of a sumo wrestler. Lots of squatting and pushing outward in all directions. Less kicking and more just EXPANDING. Not especially comfortable but it makes for quite a show on the exterior belly. The other day Dima felt something pointy when he placed his hand over my belly. I have yet to see this and I understand at some point I'll be able to see feet and hands, etc. Just not yet.

I have no belly button at this point. Just a saucer.

I will also point out that though my belly is huge, the rest of me is not. I am mostly gaining girth in the belly department and have not, as of yet, taken on that puffy look that plagued the likes of say... Tori Spelling. Thank God! Fingers crossed on that front!

Other things to know... So far we have successfully navigated all the sonograms and we still do not know the gender of Baby E. There is plenty of speculation to go around though. Most people think we're in for a boy. A few think it's a girl. I flip-flop depending on the dreams I'm having. I'm not sure where Dima stands on it this week. Last check he thinks it's a girl. What we are sure of... we're expecting a human child.

The names are done. We have firsts and middles chosen for either gender. We are not sharing, much to Dima's sister's chagrin. We've also found that in the absence of a name some of our friends have taken to calling the Baby E. after themselves. So far we've heard Baby Daniel and Baby Natasha. Neither are right.

That's what I can think of right now. Or remember at least. The prego brain is in full force of late and I've got the mind of sieve. More later... if I remember how to blog.

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