May 29, 2007

the return of Handy Cat

Yesterday, while I watched, Dima spent most of the day installing hand-me-down Ikea cabinets in the basement. Josh and Carey (my brother and sister-in-law) had these cabinets left over when they remodeled their kitchen. And until now they've been taking up room in our already overcrowded garage. It's safe to say that both of us had moments of regret in taking them. They were dirty and in the way. And I know it made the mess in the garage feel all the more overwhelming. But now that they're installed in their new home and nearly playing a great new role, we're both very excited. Dima even said this morning they look like they were meant to be in their new location.

We plan on using them as our new linen closet/laundry center. And with a baby on the way and such a tiny linen closet upstairs this new setup is long overdue. We'll be able to store all our linens right outside the laundry room now and the counter is a great place to sort and fold laundry. Wow... how domestic that I'm so excited by this.

And, as you might suspect, the whole installation it was just too much for Melba to resist. She was quick on the scene as her alter-ego "Handy Cat." You can see her here, closely inspecting Dima's work. Thank goodness for her keen grasp of her crucial contribution. Otherwise I'm sure the cabinets would have been installed incorrectly. ;^)

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