April 28, 2007

Bumper Madness

Aside from Melba's total confusion about not being able to get into the baby's room we're having a bit of a crisis around decor. Or I am. Dima is experiencing it a bit differently. But he's going ahead and letting me have my crisis, which is a sign of a good husband.

My mom has offered to make the bedding set for the baby: crib bumper and skirt and a quilt, like the ones she made for my nephews. I've been on a mad search for just the right fabrics for, sadly, what is going on months. I found them...

But one of the final four keeps eluding purchase. I need a coordinating stripe and cannot find one I like that I can actually buy at the same time. Frustrating in the extreme. So far I've liked Amy Butler's Sunbloom Stripe in turquoise which is nowhere to be found and then Robert Kaufman's Mary Rose Mod Stripe which is found, but out of stock.

To top it off I finally got the third of the three I've been able to buy and the company I bought from sent the wrong yardage. They were short by 1.5 yards! AND they're office is closed for a week while the host a quilters convention. Oy!

I'm taking what I have to Mom today and she's going to get started on the most important thing, which is the bumper. Can't have Baby E. knocking his/her noggin' on a hard crib. When we find more fabric she'll move on to the other stuff.

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