May 14, 2007

naming baby e

Since Dima and I decided to be surprised about Baby E.'s gender we're keeping the names we've decided on to ourselves as well. That doesn't mean it's not interesting to muse on what's popular these days or even in days gone by. I found this tool called the Baby Name Voyager.

Using an interesting visual display it tells you how popular certain names were in distant and recent history and when such names reigned or didn't reign supreme. Jennifer for example, which spiked right around the time that my parents named me, has since been on a drastic decline. And Dimitri (I had to spell it differently so it would register as a name in the tool.), which saw a drastic rise from zero in the early 80s and is now experiencing another surge.

Further investigation tells me that our chosen names for Baby E. are neither popular nor unpopular these days. How's that for cryptic?

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Jen K said...

You might also be interested to know that there is something like a 10- or 15-year gap between when fancy-pants families would name their children a particular fancy-pants name, and when the commoners would begin using the popularized name. At which point...fancy-pants families would stop using that name.

So will you be fancy-pants or serfs?