February 16, 2005

The WALL Awaits Elfa...

It's done. The wall has been primed and painted and the only thing left to do is hang the Elfa. (Man I love Elfa.)

Did I mention what a great job Robin and Dima did? And Dima has been busy as a 6'8" bee since Robin left Saturday night. Spackling, sanding, spackling, sanding, sweeping, vacuuming, spackling, sanding, and finally painting... I can't wait to get the shelves up. We designed them so there will be a place to hang damp laundry and plenty of shelves to store all kinds of junk. Dima says that this is the realization of his very own homeownership dream. And it's true. Ever since we started talking about buying a house he's been talking about wanting a basement with shelves where he can stack containers that are labeled by their contents: snowboarding, camping, disco balls, etc. By this time next week not only will he have the shelves but I'm sure he'll have at least one labeled container. In fact I guarantee it.

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