February 12, 2005

The Raising of The WALL: Part 1

Today Robin came over to help Dima frame a wall in the laundry room. They've been at Home Depot since 9:30 and have just returned with all the fixin's. The basement smells like saw dust... a wonderful smell that brings back sensory memories of my grandfather's workshop. Wood cologne.

The plan is to build the wall and then put up the Elfa shelves we bought last weekend at the end of The Container Store's 30% Off Elfa Sale. What a great product! We've now successfully installed Elfa in the office and basement guest room closets and as an entertainment unit in the TV room. All around it's been a great introduction to lessons in basic handiness.

Lesson #1: Always read the directions. Even if you've done something before, everyone can be helped by a little refresher.

Lesson #2: Stop and walk yourself through what you're going to do before you do it.

Lesson #3: With every mistake comes a lesson that you would have had to learn eventually. Roll with it. Sometimes it pays to get the lesson out of the way. Case and Point: Dima learned basic drywalling skills after he punched a hole through the wall in the office closet installing the Elfa. I'm sure that he and Robin will benefit from that lesson today.

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