February 17, 2005

OK! Now It's Done... Really.

The Elfa went up tonight. Our brand spankin' new platinum colored shelves are cantalevering themselves up on the freshly painted wall with nothing but a jug of All and some hangers on them. I guess we'll start moving stuff back into the laundry room tomorrow.

Dima using the awesome drill we got from my parents for Christmas.

After the top track was attached we added the hanging standards...

...then we started putting on the shelves. This one I put on rightsideup.


There were some frustrating moments... like when we realized that the "long" shelves were supposed to be on the left side rather than the right... like when I tried to put the shelf on upsidedown... like, well it doesn't really matter. What does matter is that the shelves are up and we can move on to the next project and soon all the crap that we pulled out of the laundry room in order to do this project will be going back in. Well, hopefully not all the crap. Hopefully we'll be inspired to organize ourselves a bit.

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