February 12, 2005

Raising of The WALL: Part Deux

Dima's mom (Dusia) and his sister (Natalia) stopped by to see the progress. The going was pretty slow this morning because the guys had a hard time drilling into the cement floor to secure the sole plate. (This is where Lesson #4 was learned.) After a trip to Home Depot they were able to get all the holes drilled and now the anchors are in.

Things are moving along nicely now though. After the sole plate went down they put the top plate in. And now... they've moved on to the studs. Robin has all sorts of technical words for the anatomy of the wall, as well as his tools. We're having fun with it. Their putting in a "cripple" to span between two studs that are on either side of the HVAC duct. Dima just called it a "crutch." Thesaurus versions he says.

We also all "tagged" the wall, as a sort of graffiti time capsule. I doubt the wall will ever come down but if it does someone will wonder what they're looking at for sure. Natalia's is the most professional looking tag but her mother comes in an elegant and close second.

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