December 28, 2007

frolic and play, the Eskimo way

I found a cool make your own virtual snowflake applet this morning through a string of linkbacks on one of my favorite blogs, A Little Hut. She linked to How About Orange... and after snooping around awhile I quickly added "the orange" to my links. Among other things, Jessica, from How About Orange... (who strangely signs the J in her name exactly like I do), had an extremely useful post about wasting time (which relates back to the snowflake. If you're interested you can find mine. It's #5836046.). As such, I did some of that here and here and here.

And last night I did some time-wastin' here, thanks to Dinosaur Mom (who is looking snappy in her dino-bikini). In honor of all of this I'm adding a new label. See below. It only seems appropriate.

For quick, transparent reference to these time-wasters see here:

Create Your Own Snowflake
Snowball Fight
Elf Yourself (Here's our little family fully-elfed.)
Yeti/Penguin Baseball/Cricket
Scrooge Yourself (Lydia Violet as Scrooge)

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