December 7, 2007

the bathroom that was and the bathroom that is

I realized I should show you how big of an improvement we've made in the bathroom.

This photo is from just after we bought the house and before we moved in. Granted it looks "nice" with that crisp sunlight filtering in through the window but the grey/maroon color scheme was getting O-L-D. Not to mention the medecine cabinet and that $20 light fixture from Home Depot. Ugh. But all that has changed. All we need to do now is get the sink and the toilet back in there and install the marble threshold... oh, and of course, I still need to decide on a cool shower curtain. I think I'm going to just have to make it myself.

1 comment:

Jessica L. said...

I love having a window in the shower. Makes it easier to shave.

You made vast improvements. I am totally jealous of your home renovations.