September 5, 2007

preparing for the baptism

We're in a mad rush to finish up house chores and projects before the baptism on Saturday. We're hosting the reception at our house afterwards. Dima's parents are having it catered... Salvadoran/Mexican. I even got a pinata for the kids. It should be fun. Our first party as a family of three. Dima finished the side fence yesterday and I'm trying to clean and organize in between feedings, Lydia Violet's naps and a little bit of work. (I've got a few things I need to do for the folks at the office.)

I feel like all I ever do anymore is clean bottles and do laundry. I've always got a load going. I dread our water bill next quarter. I am doing it all in cold however. Much of the energy consumed by a washer is used to heat water, so washing clothes on the "cold" or "warm" settings rather than "hot" whenever possible is much better for the environment and our energy bills. Apparently there are also detergents designed specifically for cold-water washing so I need to look into that.

Well the baby is still sleeping so I'm going to rush and grab lunch before she wakes up.

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