September 22, 2007

The Next Esther Williams

Today we finally took Lydia Violet to the pool. I've been wanting to do this for what seems like forever and today we finally got it together enough to go to Olney Indoor Swim Center during rec swim. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and she's a complete natural. In fact, her breaststroke kick is quite amazing for someone so young. Seriously. It's like she doesn't even have to think about it.
So, we did a little kicking and a bit of laying back in the water with her head all the way back. She was really relaxed. I even tried a little full body rotation to mimic the backstroke. She loved it.
We didn't go underwater at all because her doctor said at her last appointment that she might be tempted to drink. With all the chemicals in the pool that's a big no-no.
All together it was about 6 or 7 minutes in the pool for her but pretty good for a girl's first try. I'm ordering a book from Amazon—Water Babies: Safe Starts in Swimming—that will tell us all we need to know as we move forward.
After that quick dip I went to the lanes and swam 500 yards while Dima and Lydia watched. Wow, am I out of shape! I remember the days when that was just my warm-up for practice. Hopefully I'll be getting to the pool more often for both Lydia and myself.

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Jessica said...

That is a really great photo of Baby LoVE. Sounds like you are really enjoying motherhood. Are you back at work yet?