September 1, 2007

Magic Mirror

This morning was a milestone. Lydia Violet discovered the mirror. The Verizon Fios guy came to set up our phone and I had to rush to answer the door... well, because the child and I were still lazing around in bed. After talking to him a bit we headed back to the bedroom and Lydia's attention was drawn to the floor to ceiling mirror we have in the living room. She saw movement and immediately focused in on it. So I stopped and we checked it out.

She immediately focused in on my reflection. She recognized me in the mirror and smiled. So cool. Then I had her look at me (not in the mirror) and then back again. She was blown a way. Her eyes got real big and she kept looking back and forth at me and then my reflection. So then I started talking to her and tickling her chin. And she looked at my reflection and then herself. I'm not sure that she really got that it was her reflection but she knew something was up because she giggled. Her first giggle!

Well the rest of the day the mirror was our playground. When my friend Jen (above) came to visit for lunch we repeated the whole performance. You can see Lydia is looking at me through the mirror. Pretty cool.

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