August 1, 2007

White Noise

Lydia loves the sound of the vacuum cleaner. It's a sure fire way to get her to conk out.

But as we learned ahead of time from our good friends Claire and Ed, you can't run your vacuum cleaner to make the baby fall asleep all the time. You'll wear the belt out. So... we did what they did, we bought a vacuum cleaner CD. This is ingenious! And since we've now been telling other friends about it they are all confirming that they too knew the secret.

In fact right now I am blogging and LºVE (Lydia Violet Ekzarkhov) is in her co-sleeper dreaming of the vacuum clearner induced womb. I think that Melba might like it too, because she's laying here on the desk with her head next to the baby monitor sacked out.

We also bought dishwasher and rain and thunder. Thus far the vacuum is helping me relax too and therefore fall asleep faster, which is a must, I'm finding when you're on a 3 hour feeding schedule.

1 comment:

jen k said...

I actually felt sleepy just listening to that at work. How cool! And dishwasher reminds me of my Grama!