August 17, 2007

the straight poop

Well it happened! An unassisted poop. We took a short trip to Home Depot to get some shades and screws and Lydia Violet was cranky the whole time. She was not cold, hot or hungry so I was at a loss as to how to console her. Then, when we got home and did finally eat, her good friend Melba Toast couldn't get enough of smelling L.V.'s butt. I took it as a signal to change her diaper but, honestly, I wasn't expecting a poopy one. It'd just been so long. Well, was I surprised. It was an award winner. I was tempted to save it for Dima to check out when he got home. That's how amazing it was. (Of course I didn't.) I think that poor L°VE probably lost about half of her newly gained 21 ounces in the process. Maybe more. I didn't realize one little baby could store that much waste. So, she's probably not pushing 9 pounds anymore but she's working at it.

Now, let's reflect on this topic—poop—and why I seem so ready to detail it on this blog... I can't really explain it. I don't believe I was one to discuss poop so readily prior to this... being a mother. (Though my friends may dispute that.) Perhaps it reflects the nature of my day to day lately, which literally consists of rounds of eat, sleep, poop (or at least the anticipation of poop).

At any rate, I'm pleased as punch that L°VE has finally cleared her system. Her little belly is no longer distended and she is at this moment sleeping soundly. I think the whole thing wore her out. She is sacked out now. Let's all cross our fingers that there will be no repeat performance.

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