August 23, 2007

mystery solved

The last couple of days were tough. Tuesday night/Wednesday morning I got a total of about 40 minutes sleep. Lydia Violet was CRANKY and uninterested in sleeping. You'd think then that she would have crashed yesterday. Nope. She dozed, but in general remained cranky and wide awake. Dima came home, took over and then sent me to bed. I woke up to find that he had slept with her in the basement and let me get a full night's sleep. My hero. He also confirmed as I had suspected that Lydia had been working up to another massive poop. His supervisor, Kate, had suggested pumping her legs, as opposed to the q-tip method. Well that worked! A little aerobic workout and she did her business. Suddenly Lydia isn't cranky and as of this moment she is fast asleep.

Another milestone... she no longer craves the swaddle.

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