June 18, 2010

Smart Ass

Yesterday Jennifer had to work late so Lydia and I ate dinner on our own. She had several pieces of chicken, a bunch of corn and Popsicle. Then after some time we began out night-night routine and began getting ready for bed.

At about this time Jennifer came home and started to prepare her dinner, an aromatic smelling Indian dish. Lydia smelling the food, said "mmm, I want that." I tried to tell her that she had already had her dinner and that was Mama's. She was persistent. This is our conversation following her persistence:

Lydia: Papa I'm hungry.

Papa: What do you want?

Lydia: Chicken.

Papa: Are you sure you're going to eat the chicken or are you just jerking my chain?

Lydia: Uhmmm, chain!

Needless to say, she didn't get any chicken.

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