June 8, 2010


Yesterday, after I picked Lydia Violet up from school, I got a call from my mother saying she had something for me to pick up. Not wanting to get Lydia too excited about the fact that we were going to Dusia and Ded's house, I just told her we need to go some place and pick up something.

On the drive over to my parent's house, Lydia said a number of times that she wanted to go home and wanted water. I in turn told her that I need to go get something and afterward we would go home.

As we drove into my parent's neighborhood, Lydia chimed in from the back seat, "Papa we go Dusia's house?" And I replied that we were. She then said, with a perturbed pitch in her voice, "Papa, you got talk to me!"

I felt bad. Next time I'll just tell here where we are going and why.

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