February 9, 2009

Sunday Fun

Lydia has taken to drawing. The minute she gets a chance she'll sit down with paper and some crayons and markers and carefully scrawl a composition that, though often hard to discern the subject matter, is often perfectly balanced and pleasing colorwise.

What we've found though, is that regular crayons are too weak to hold up under the pressure of her enthusiastic grip. I found this post on Hop Skip Jump last week and decided to give it a try on Sunday. What fun! The resulting crayon biscuits are perfect for grasping. Even Papa had fun with them.

The muffin tins in the photos are mini-sized, though I guess with more crayons you could do this in a medium-sized pan. Each mini cup holds about two crayons. In some of the biscuits I added an additional piece of white crayon to mix up the colors a bit.

My first batch I put in the oven at 260˚. The 10 minutes suggested by Hop Skip Jump wasn't quite enough, so I let it go to 14 minutes. This was a bit too long. The crayons became too molten and the colors separated. On the second batch I tried at 270˚ for 10 minutes. That was just perfect.

Cool at room temperature and then chill in the freezer to make it easy to get the biscuits out of the pan.

I've got another box of crayons ready to go. I'll definitely do this again. The hardest part was getting the paper off. Seriously. We've got the drawings to prove it!

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