July 4, 2008

If there were an award, she'd win it.

I just need to take a moment to toot our baby's horn. I realize I say this at the risk of it coming back to haunt me at some point, but knock on wood, etc.

So, on to my point: Our little girl is the coolest kid. Period. Full stop. End of sentence.

Allow me to explain: We just got back from watching the fireworks. We power-napped LoVE around dinner time so she would be able to check them out. But honestly, we weren't sure what to expect. Would the noise freak her out? Would she be too tired to take it? But we were ready to give it a go and if she wasn't into it we could easily leave, right? Well, what were we worried about folks? She loved it. (Though she did sleep through a Howitzer at the evening parade last summer, so I guess we shouldn't have been too surprised.)

We got a perfect spot on a neighborhood side street. She sat quietly while we waited for the show to begin and when it did she sat on my hip (while Dima and our friend Jen alternately covered her ears) completely entranced by the pyrotechnical display. She wasn't tense. She didn't jump. She just sat back and enjoyed. At one point she even—literally—oohed and ahhed while she reached out and tried to grab the shimmery lights.

After it was over... and the finale was stupendous... we got in the car and she proceeded to sleep the all the way to our exit, where she woke up and pleasantly cooed until we put her in bed. Then she immediately fell asleep.

Who could ask for a better night? Happy 4th of July! Lydia Violet, you rock! Love, Mama & Papa.

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Jen K said...

I can't believe I never commented onthis! LoVE was, indeed, the coolest baby at the fireworks. What an excellent kid. :)