June 10, 2008

Barefoot and in the Kitchen

My latest culinary adventure is again thanks to Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa. Last night I made her Chicken Picatta—my first. Quite delicious from the chicken standpoint. The sauce ended up being CRAZY, lemony-tart. Not sure if it was supposed to be that tart, or if not, what I did to make it so much more tart than it was supposed to be. No matter though, despite the mess I made on the counter dipping flattened chicken in flour, egg and then bread crumbs, I will make this again. I think I might come up with my own sauce though. I'm thinking garlic, cilantro, lime... mmmmm.

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JRay said...

I love Chicken Picatta! I've tried some of the pre-fab sauces you can buy at Trader Joe's...not too bad but they too were somewhat heavy on the lemon tartness. I like your lime idea...maybe on the dipping ingredients, swap the flour/egg/breadcrumbs for a flash fry in olive oil with a corn starch batter? When you coat them well, I love the texture!