April 14, 2008

Ah, Spring!

I just had to post this: a street-side view on my new walk to the Metro after work. (We moved to a new office and a new Metro stop in February.) What a beautiful day. What a beautiful little postage stamp of a front "yard." And for once in my life my allergies aren't even that bad, so I can actually enjoy a scene like this without the requsite sniffling/itching/runny nose that usually goes along with it.

So, I say it in full voice, "Ah, Spring!" and to all the things that go with it: flowers, green trees, outside time, campfires, grillin', longer days, sandles, etc. But I especially say, "ahhhhh," to new beginnings. We've had a rough couple of months 'round these parts, and all of it, at the very least, has kept me out of the blogosphere. I haven't even been updating Baby in a Carseat. (But that said, I will today. Check it out in an hour or so: http://babyinacarseat.blogspot.com)

So, long story short, I want to catch up. And I will. See you around here soon.

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