March 1, 2008

Today we went to visit and meet Jake S. for the very first time in Annapolis, MD. Jake and his parent's had not had the pleasure of meeting Lydia until today as well. We had a great time catching up over lunch, talking about what seems like the inevitable downfall of our former employer A.I. As well as my new job prospects since I was laid off in January.

After spending some time with our friends and letting the kids get acquainted we hit the road, homeward bound. The directions home are pretty straight forward if you're paying attention. Needless to say, Jen and I were discussing my future when we zipped right passed our exit for MD Route 50. Not sure which route we had gotten on, I decided we'll turn around at the next exit and get back on the correct path. 8 miles down the road is our opportunity to make a u-turn. We took the exit for Route 32...but was an exit with no return to wherever we had just come from. An adventure begins.

I was under the impression that Route 32 intersected at least one maybe even two north/south bound roads near our house and we would be fine if we just continued on. At some point in our trip west Jen suggested we take I-95 home, but I suggested we just continue on, since it was a relaxing drive. Before I knew it, the sun had shifted from right in front of to our left, we had turned and were now headed north. Not good.

To make a long story short, we ended up on I-70 which connects Fredrick, MD to Baltimore. Oops. Jen quickly whipped out the map and told me to take Route 97 south. As it turns out, Route 97 took us south towards Olney. As we approached Olney we decided to stop at the Olney Ale House for dinner.

The photo shows Lydia gnawing on a carrot stick from our order of Old Bay seasoned wings. I guess two teeth is all you need to have a quick evening snack before bed.

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