August 7, 2004

there's a first time for everything

With a first house, there automatically comes a first time for everything:

Today was the first time we set off the smoke detector for example. Dima made breakfast burritos this morning and the next thing we knew a piercing beep was screaming through the house.

Today was also the first time I or Dima have ever used a power washer. We borrowed this wonderous contraption from our friends Marina and Robin and went to town on the back retaining wall, which is covered in mildew. What a blast! Literally...

Finally, last night was the first time that Dima hit his head on the low ceiling in the basement. I was out with friends after work and he stayed home to watch his favorite TV shows. Standing too close to the drop in the ceiling where the air conditioning runs through the basement he turned quickly and
WHAM!!! He knocked himself silly literaly falling to the floor. Today he's left with a knot and an extreme desire to get the safety bumper we're planning up ASAP. With Dima at 6'8" and most of his friends not much shorter we'll need something to ensure that no one else nearly knocks themselves out.

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